The Fastest Way to WordPress Success

How to achieve WordPress Success
When it comes to building websites we have two options:
  • Building from scratch

Working with WordPress is a great choice to get your business or personal brand online. However, sometimes things don’t seem as straightforward as we thought they were going to be. Fortunately, by the end of this article, you will be supplied with one of the first pieces of the puzzle to building a great online presence.

The first hurdle with WordPress is the design and set up, I mean a lot of us came to WordPress to share our content and work on that. Rather than spending days researching only to find we can’t quite achieve the look that we wanted.

Wordpress theme default style

The arrival of the new Gutenberg blocks editor to WordPress has been met with mixed reviews some loved it, while some hated it. Of course, to some of us, it simply didn’t matter. We had already adopted a much easier approach in the form of Elementor.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is your first piece of the puzzle. It enables you to create the website you want for free. No coding required, not even to get rid of the WordPress footer it furthermore you can get started for free!  As a matter of fact, watch how quickly you can get a WordPress website a very professional makeover.

Showing how Elementor is easy

30 seconds. Literally.

Elementor, as you can see, is a visual drag and drop page builder plugin. That means that when you design your content, you see exactly what your visitors will see. It even has a built-in responsive mode so you can make sure you are building for mobile first.

You can even take things further with the professional version of Elementor. I know I have and it just makes everything a lot easier, I mean the number of themes and blocks that you can mix and match or build a theme, again with no coding, to have a totally original site. 

Furthermore forms, a pop-up builder and more. So you don’t need to fork out for those plugins you get them included with everything else in the professional version of Elementor. 

Elementor Pop-up Design

On the whole, both versions of Elementor ease a lot of pains and as someone trying to run a small business every penny counts. Ultimately Elementor has made every one of those pennies worth it. Let’s take a look at the different capabilities of each.

Elementor Version Comparison


$ 0 Per Year
  • Drag & Drop Editor Without Code
  • Mobile Editing - 100% Responsive
  • Stunning Templates
  • 30 Block Elements

One Site

I got this one!
$ 49 Per Year
  • Free Features
  • 50 Pro Block Elements
  • 300+ Pro Templates
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Much More


$ 199 Per Year
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 50 Pro Block Elements
  • 300+ Pro Templates
  • WooCommerce Builder

So being based in England, at the moment that translates to £37 per year or just over £3 per month.

In fact, that’s the first time I broke it down like that even to myself and it makes it seem so much more worth it for how much time it saves. Affording you the opportunity to work on your brand’s growth.

Why Buy?

Element Comparison

The Fastest Way to WordPress Success 1

Check out some more features this plugin is packing, for a full feature breakdown check out this Free vs Pro page on Elementor. I think it goes without saying I’m a fan, but with good reason!

Don’t forget if you are struggling I can help, just get in touch. While this is only the first piece of the puzzle. Check out my other articles or subscribe for an editorial of the best articles of the week.

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