Why WordPress is the Right Choice for your Business

Business blogging guide

Why WordPress?

WordPress was created as an easy to use platform for bloggers since it’s inception in 2003 it has become the most popular content management system on the web. So popular in fact that it now powers over 33% of all online websites, and continues to trend upward.

Bursting with features, functions and plugins, it has become perfect to build business websites of all kinds online. From Beyonce to Snoop Dogg, Sony to Disney, you can rest assured that you are starting on a platform built with growth in mind.

Why is WordPress so popular? I guess that any time you dangle the word “free” around small businesses, start-ups or entrepreneurs we get interested. The ongoing cost-effectiveness of WordPress is particularly attractive too. What that means is that you can do it yourself instead of hiring a designer every time you need to update the content of your site.


open source software

WordPress is an open source website creation tool. Particularly useful considering the only cost that leaves us with to get online is the domain name and hosting.

WordPress can be downloaded from WordPress.org and uploaded to any host. However, I have always found it a much nicer experience to use one that has an easy to use interface and installs WordPress for you at a click of a button.

To add personality and functionality to your WordPress there is a multitude of plugins and free themes. These are all downloadable from within your WordPress admin dashboard or via WordPress. Sometimes though for those with more complex needs, you may need to invest in premium versions. This could be in a theme, multiple plugins or check out my guide to fast success with WordPress.


Business blogging guide

If you have decided to download and install WordPress manually you are facing a possible 30 mins to an hour for someone who is computer literate to figure out how to install WordPress via FTP. But if you have gone with a website host that offers WordPress one-click install, then it’s as easy as it sounds.

Once you have finished the installation you will sign into your admin dashboard which is the central hub of using your WordPress site. From here we can install plugins, themes, create pages, post and more. While it isn’t necessary to know any code at all it can be handy. If you have no interest in code then perhaps a visual editing plugin would make life a million times easier.


Why WordPress is the Right Choice for your Business 1

SEO if you are not already familiar, to most of us mean where we rank on a google search result, but there are different factors to why we rank where we do. For example, keywords targeted, website quality, content quality etc. With that in mind, it would be impossible WordPress or any similar system to be search engine optimised out of the box.

Having said that it is search engine friendly. WordPress sites are clean and accessible for a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. There is a massive collection of SEO plugins and tools available for free. However, bear in mind that these plugins cannot replace an SEO consultant or a lot of studying and a solid SEO plan for your business.


Mobile first WordPress

More and more of us are utilising the convenience of browsing, shopping doing whatever we want, right from the convenience of a mobile phone. What that means for us though is that we have to make sure our website is a great experience and everything looks good on mobile, but also on the desktop too. WordPress can be built using a free or premium responsive theme. Alternatively, visual editor plugins have the capability to preview desktop, tablet or mobile view.


Why WordPress is the Right Choice for your Business 2

When a company starts to grow, if they are using a traditional website (i.e. custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript, that they have coded or hired someone to code) they often need to employ further developers and potentially even an entirely new build as their business grows.

Fortunately, WordPress is a highly scale-able option for your business. As mentioned in the opening paragraphs – “From Beyonce to Snoop Dogg, Sony to Disney”. I mean, if they can utilise it at their size, I’m certain we can.

I will forewarn though an important factor will be selecting the best host you can on your budget that offers better tiers of servers, which you may require as you grow.


Business blogging guide

As we briefly touched on under search engine optimisation, content is king. It is the ultimate place to start when considering your approach to bringing your business online. It is arguably the most important factor on your journey through search engine optimisation, to rank on the google search results.

Because WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform it has all the elements you could need to create powerful content that supports your vision and experience. Also, guest bloggers or team members are easily handled as setting up other users with varying permissions is a quick and straightforward process.

Subscribe now as there will be plenty more high-quality articles to come. If there was anything you wanted to know and didn’t find let me know in the comments below. If you would rather hire someone to do all this work for you, I’m here, just saying!

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