What is a Logo and Why is it Important?

what is a logo and why is it important

What is a Logo?

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem or symbol that represents an organisation or company.

It’s designed to be unique, to help customers identify what you do, who you are or even the business’s values.

We come across hundreds of logo’s every day from advertisements to product packaging.

Logo’s come under several different categories:

Lettermark Logo Design

Lettermark Logo Design

A typography based logo that’s made up of a few letters, usually a company’s initials.

Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmark Logo Design

A font-based logo that focuses on a business’ name.

Abstract Logo Design

Abstract Logo Design

A logo that takes an abstract form but represents your business.

Mascot Logo Design

Mascot Logo Design

Representative figures of your organisation, usually in a cartoon style.

Emblem Logo Design

Emblem Logo Design

In it’s most familiar form, an emblem logo is badges, seals or crests. They can be traditional or modern in appearance.

Often the logos that we come across can feature two or more of the above characteristics.

Logos are often created by a graphic designer for client companies. It’s a creative process that is heavy in research and client communication.

If you serve an international audience you have to be aware of the different cultures you will serve. That’s because the colours and symbolism can be interpreted in different ways.

What does a logo do?

With a purpose designed logo you stand out from the rest of the competitors.

A high-quality logo designed by a professional can contribute to a successful business.

It is obvious when a business develops its design in a hurried fashion. Unfortunately, failing to appreciate the value of brand development.

Take a look at the three logos below that fail to communicate the intended message.

Bad logo design examples

Through logotype, colour, graphics choice, a logo identifies key information about your business. All of which can be outweighed by design, or bad design, as you can see above.

A good logo can send your prospective buyers different messages. We aim for positive messages like your business is trustworthy, professional, or exciting.

Did you know that approximately a third of the world’s top companies use the colour blue in their logo? That’s because blue sends a message of strength and trustworthiness.

blue logo is meant to build trust

Think about the age, income, and tastes of people in your target audience. A graphic designers job is to make sure your logo appeals to them.

You have the chance to make a great first impression! That can lead to that crucial first contact with your customer.

Even if they’re intrigued by your logo, they might not remember it if they only see it once.

The more people see your logo, the more likely they’ll be to remember it.

Increased recognition helps build trust over time. People are almost always going to choose to work with a company that they think they can trust.

So logos can go a long way to achieving the aim of winning that customer’s brand loyalty.

What is a Logo and Why is it Important? 1

For what seems like such a small thing. The humble logo is of critical importance.

We live in a society where as consumers we have grown to have certain expectations.

We judge a business based on those expectations. Like whether a business is legitimate, reliable and professional.

If they are, they would have a logo that’s considerate of the above points and designed to a certain standard.

Without a logo, all these points have been cast aside. It can be immediately obvious when a business has given no real priority to the design.

You must appreciate the importance of developing, and maintaining your business’ visual assets.

If a business does not have this essential asset, why would anyone do business with them?

What are the elements of a logo called?


Typography Example Logo Design

Typography is the physical appearance of written text. That means the size, colour, and font.

First, it attracts the reader’s attention and conveys a certain mood or feeling.

All the different aspects play an important role in the way in which text come across.


What is a Logo and Why is it Important? 2

Imagery which is the graphical content of a logo. Some illustrate a product or service while others represent an idea.

Take this research group, asked what is the most important factor when choosing a product.

Over 92% of the people that responded, said that the visuals of a product are what’s most important to them.

Static or Dynamic

Dynamic Logo Examples

Dynamic means that there are more elements in a logo on a larger display, some of them are removed to look great at smaller display sizes.

This is a very effective way to cope with the different requirements, for example, a billboard has to a mobile phone display.


Colour in Logo Design

Colour as you’re aware, is one of the most powerful elements of imagery in branding.

Colour is often the most memorable visual component of an image.

Certain colours viewers with a particular feeling. The same research as above found that colour increases brand recognition by as much as 80%.

How is a logo different from brand?

What is a Brand

Your logo represents your brand but it’s not your brand.

A logo is an essential component of a brand. But, a brand includes all the experiences a person has with your business.

All the impressions. and knowledge a person has about your product, service.

In other words, your brand is a person’s total perception of your business.

Your Logo

Identifies via the use of a mark or icon.

The Identity

The visual assets part of a brand

The Brand

The perceived corporate image as a whole.

Your logo is a big factor in how people perceive your brand. Through colour choice and logo design, we get an idea of the business’ personality. Or the personality we intend to portray.

Both a strong brand and a compelling logo are important. Even more so, if you’re trying to position your company and drive its growth.

At the end of the day, it’s about what people think and feel about your business (your brand). A logo is only the first piece of that puzzle.

What do you think?

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